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Director Matt Osterman on the creation of Bitcon
Trust isn’t easy. Especially in the digital age. Add a missing hard drive with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency on it, and you’ll quickly learn who’s on your side and who isn’t.

The story was originally inspired when I heard about the poor bloke who lost a hard drive with 8000 bitcoins on it now worth hundreds of millions of USD. He lost the drive when Bitcoin wasn’t worth much, but it was just one of many sad stories that led to the now popular mantra of, “Not your keys, not your coins.” Thankfully, the industry noticed an issue and has since created a suite of hardware wallets, trustworthy exchanges (most, anyway), guardians, 2FA, BIP39, and other technologies I’m too dense to understand. The point is, trusting yourself can sometimes be just as complicated as trusting others.

While I truly believe that crypto and associated blockchain technologies are going to change the world in many remarkable ways, I also find the confluence of criminals, charlatans, and crypto utterly fascinating. Our story is not that different than a noir with a femme fatale, a gun, and a briefcase full of cash. Technology is our trojan horse to tell a redemptive story of flawed, marginalized, and smart characters all vying for a better life.
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